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Shady Squad

The Shady Squad dance group is the best and most renowned male urban dance group in Jamaica, five individuals from different walks of life all united by their common love of entertainment and their zeal to achieve.

The group currently consists of five members. 

Matthew Richards the leader of the group, who has completed a Degree in Land Economy and Valuation surveying and currently proceeds to Videography, editing and Graphic design

Conray Richards Past Student of Ardenne high and has completed a Diploma in music performance at the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts.

Andrew Higgins past student of St. Johns College also a founding member of shady squad & creator of many amazing dance steps. Including the hit dance move "Gangsta fi life"

Courtney Brown, In-House editor at Irish and Chin Productions and founder of Cab Concepts.

Garfield Hinds Past student of Papine High School, the acrobat of the group, crowd pleaser & part time golf superstar

The name Shady came about when Matthews’ colleagues at the University of Technology nicknamed him after the popular rapper “slim shady” because of his slim build and slick smooth style of movement much like the rappers enunciation of his lyrics. 

The “Shady Squad was founded in 2005” when Matthew teamed up with his brother Conray Richards and then close friend Andrew Higgins for a major local competition of which they emerged winners. They proceeded to expand and since then through their unique style, explosive energy, creativity and versatility have garnered a massive fan base. 

Their achievements include the following;

  • Winners of the Annual “Bogle Jiggy Time Dancers Competition” (2005). A massive competition in Jamaica held in honour of Bogle/Mr. Wacky (The most prominent name and creator of dances in the dancehall genre, before his untimely death). It was held at the famous Asylum nightclub and featured many other local household names in dancing such as Timeless, Kadillac Dancers, Black Bling, Overmars, Ravers Clavers, Colo Squad and many of the other prominent dancers on the dancehall circuit.

  • Second Place Winners and clear favourites of the Largest local dancing Competition- ‘Dancing Dynamites’ (2006/2007). This competition is one in which auditions are held all across the island in an attempt to find the best local dance talent. The victors in each parish are then brought to Kingston and featured during a 14 week run on the main local station – TVJ- where they compete for the top spot of the public by way of telephone votes each week; after they present a different genre of dance to the voting public.

  • Winners of the Jamfit Mega Dance competition held at the National Stadium Indoor Arena in 2007. JAMFIT is an organization formed in 1998 which was established to improve the health and fitness industry in Jamaica. Presently, JAMFIT is comparable to the AFAA (America Fitness and Aerobic Association) in the USA.

  • Consecutive World Reggae Dance Champions 2010 and 2011

  • Consecutive winners of the Youth View Award in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 for Favourite Dance Group

  • Winners of the International Dancehall Championships 2013

Shady Squad has undoubtedly, since their debut, secured their place as premier dancers and choreographers within the competitive Jamaican entertainment industry; working with many artistes at the national, regional and international level including.

These are only but few of the many artistes shady squad have worked with. Shady Squad has now become a household name, and a premiere brand to be associated with. They have achieved a somewhat celebrity status and are seen as pioneers in the dance community through their creativity and amazing work standards.

Much of Shady Squad’s work has been featured on the international stations such as Music television (MTV), and Black Entertainment television (BET) The Music Factory (TMF). Notwithstanding are their constant features on local television station TVJ, (Television Jamaica), and local cable entertainment stations: Reggae entertainment television (RE TV), which is also beamed throughout the region and H.Y.P.E. TV. 

Shady Squad has also travelled carrying urban dance culture and knowledge via live performances, lectures and dance workshops to over 20 countries internationally